Government commits to action against sewage discharges from storm overflows like those seen in Frome

 From River was the outlet for storm flooding, where raw sewage spilled onto the riverbank during storms, as seen in a video from last June. The government is committed to ensuring the system is not abused by water companies, and in a strategic policy statement issued to Congress in February, water regulator Ofwat sets out our spending expectations over the next five years. cycle and many more. Ofwat and the water company state that measures to protect the environment must be a priority, ensure a resilient and sustainable water supply and significantly reduce the frequency and extent of flooding. We recently discussed stormwater runoff reduction plans that will fundamentally change the way water companies manage the amount of untreated wastewater. According to the government news agency, the plan proposes the most important infrastructure program for environmental restoration in the water company's history. Water companies face strict restrictions on the use of storm surges and mus